Achieving Success on Your 24 Day Challenge


To achieve success on your  24 DAY Challenge, you must have a plan. You will achieve little or no success without proper preparation.

Yellow Bumblebee Company will be introducing a personal plan that works for many people; you may learn a thing or two from this.

Success Steps with Prep Meals Containers

First Step:

Select your meal prep containers; this doesn’t require so much time. All you need to get containers with three compartments; this is to ensure the foods are kept in separate portions.

This step is very vital for your 24 Day Challenge success.

Second Step:

Select the food you are putting into the meal prep containers. It’s all up to you to decide what you want, but we recommend to keep complex carbs, protein, and fruits separately in the different compartment of the container. It is easy to do with three compartments food containers that prevent food mixing.

Third Step:

Go for shopping; get healthy food stuff

Fourth Step

Get your containers set for the week. Although someone prefers to do 3 to 4 days just to ensure the items are fresh, a week is not a bad idea.

Step 5:

Make sure your healthy snacks are easily accessible. Regardless of where you work (from home or in an office), you need to keep your snacks within reach so that you can have them whenever you feel hungry.

You will find a list of food ideas and the recommended portion sizes bellow.

Meal Prep Success Ideas


  •    Eggs; could be boiled, or prepared with veggies and egg whites in a cupcake tin pan
  •    Healthy Nut Butter placed on fruits or whole grain
  •    Blueberry Parfait – Greek yogurt (with low fat), with nuts, quinoa, and berries.
  •    Decent Energy Bites: Do a mixture of protein powder, coconuts oil, healthy but butter, oats, ground flax seed and little quantity of honey. Prepare them in balls and store in a refrigerator. It serves as snacks too. Other are:
  •    Turkey Breast
  •    Salmon
  •    Chicken breast
  •    Tuna
  •    Crab
  •    Top round steak
  •    Swordfish
  •    Lean ground turkey
  •    Haddock
  •    Shrimp
  •    Lobster
  •    Orange roughy
  •    Turkey Bacon
  •    Trout
  •    Top sirloin steak
  •    Buffalo
  •    Trout
  •    Wild-game meat
  •    Low-fat cottage cheese
  •    Eggs whites or substitutes
  •    Lean ham


  •    Fist-sized berries
  •    Orange
  •    Slices of apple

Ensure you eat your fruits with proteins like nuts.

Complex Carbs

  •    Whole wheat pasta
  •    Brown rice
  •    sweet potato
  •    pumpkin
  •    Lentils
  •    Oatmeal
  •    Couscous
  •    Squash
  •    Yams
  •    Whole grains
  •    Steamed wild rice
  •    Beans
  •    Barley


  •    Lettuce
  •    Broccoli
  •    Tomatoes
  •    Peas
  •    Cabbage
  •    Cucumber
  •    Zucchini
  •    Spinach
  •    Green peppers
  •    Cauliflower
  •    Asparagus
  •    Green beans
  •    Mushrooms
  •    Brussels sprouts
  •    Artichoke
  •    Celery
  •    Carrots

With this list, you should have gotten some useful ideas to begin your 24 Day Challenge.   Yellow Bumblebee Company wishes you all the best in your future endeavors.

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